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my vim setup

I like vim because it doesn’t come with a lot of things, it’s just a text editor. If you need a feature in vim, you need to do it yourself or use a plugin. You can build your own text editor, without the bloat of an IDE like vscode.

If you are a software developer, here some of the commands and optional plugins that I use on a daily base:


To move around files, I use netrw (Explore) which come with vim by default.

javascript commands

run node on the current buffer:

command Node exec ":! node %"

debug the current buffer in chrome:

command NodeDebug exec ":! node --inspect-brk %"

debug the current buffer using mochajs:

command NodeDebugMocha exec ":! npx mocha --inspect-brk %"

format the current buffer:

command PrettyJson exec ":%!jq '.'"